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Our Services

Let us take the worry out of lawn care...and pruning,

trimming, planting, fertilizing...the list goes on.  


Our Services

We proudly serve New Hanover County and surrounding areas.  Some of the services we provide:


Lawn Maintenance


Weed Control

Preventative Treatments


Enhancement Design

Debris Clean-up​

Insect Control



Preventative Treatments

Tree and Shrub Treatment
Fertilizer is applied to promote tree and shrub health and growth. Insecticide is applied as needed on damaged plants.


Grub Treatment
Insecticide is applied to minimize grub activity. For best results please water the treatment in. Do not mow for 24-48 hours
Bermuda/Zoysia Insect Control
This treatment will minimize insect damage and activity for 4-6 weeks. Please allow 1-2 weeks for treatment response.


Mole Treatment

This treatment is designed to repel moles by coating food source. Moles mainly feed on Earthworms and Grubs.
Repeat applications every 4-6 weeks for best results.
Lightly water treatment for best results.


Fire Ant / Mole Cricket Treatment

We will apply fire ant and mole cricket control. This product will control fire ants for 12 months. It will control mole crickets and other surface insects for 3 months.
Water treatment in for best results.
Do not mow for 24-48 hours.


Mosquito Control
Today we inspected for Mosquito activity. We applied insecticide and larvicide to minimize activity. Repeat treatments every 25 days for best results. Minimize standing water and breeding grounds. This service will only minimize activity not eliminate mosquitoes.
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