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Recommendations for New Hanover,

Pender, and Brunswick Counties

I love to look at pictures of lush beautiful gardens in the magazines.  I dream of someday having lots tropical plants scattered about, since I do live the south and relatively close to the beach.  I feel like I should be able to have huge palm trees towering over my yard, banana trees with bunches of bananas hanging from them, bougainvillea draped all around the porches, and of course, every variety of hibiscus ever cultivated.  But, as I've come to understand, these things are not meant for me.  Yes, I may be able to have a sago palm or hardy hibiscus to enjoy nine  months out of the year, but most tropical plants just can't handle the few months of cold weather that we get here in the Wilmington area.  Granted, our climate is a bit warmer than other areas of North Carolina, putting us just on the verge of Zone 8.  But you have to be careful what you plant here, and be prepared to do a little extra work for those extreme weather days. 


I decided to do some research and find out what would work best in my yard.  These plants are recommended by the NC State University, AT&T State University and the Cooperative Extension for use in our area.

Japanese Painted Fern
Juniperus Horizontalis.jpg
Ground Covers (coming soon)
canna lily.jpg
Vines (coming soon)
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Check before you plant!  

Use the maps below to determine what and when you should plant.

first frost map.jpg
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