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From Aug 2018

Fall Armyworms have been spotted in Southeastern North Carolina!

Fall Armyworm
Fall Armyworm closeup




Well, it’s that time of year again, folks! Time to keep an eye out for those nasty, lawn-destroyers that make their way here almost every year. I'm referring to Fall Armyworms! These tiny caterpillars can take out a luscious yard in no time, marching across the turf and consuming it as they go, leaving you with only a pitiful brown patch of a lawn in the end. If you haven't already signed up, now is the time to begin our Bermuda Insect Control service, before they ravage your beautifully kept landscape.


Another pesky insect that can cause plenty of damage to your lovely lawn is the Chinch Bug. These pests are prevalent mid-summer and love warm-season grasses, especially St. Augustine! Fortunately, Precise One Lawn Solutions has a solution for this issue as well. Sign up today for our Chinch Bug Control and prevent the destruction of your beautiful grass.


And now that it's August, the NC State Extension recommends checking your lawn for grubs as well. This is the time to treat for them since they are young at this point and feeding near the surface. Let Precise One Lawn Solutions take the worry out of lawn care. Call or email today to get on the list for Grub Treatments.

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