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Preventative Treatments

Precise One Lawn Solutions is more than just a lawn mowing company.  Not only do we offer superb care for your lawn and garden, we provide you with preventative treatments to keep your yard safe from pests throughout the year.  


Precise One Lawn Solutions is dedicated to making your lawn as healthy as possible.  This includes keeping those pesky weeds at bay.  Through our seven-part Fertilizer and Weed Control Program, we aim to do just that.  We have followed the guidelines put out by local and state experts to establish the best possible protocols. 


Unfortunately, Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes!  It has come to our attention recently that clients who are currently using our program are still seeing weeds, even after our Winter and Early Spring applications of pre- and post-emergent weed control. The first thing we asked ourselves was “Why?”.  Then it occurred to us that Mother Nature has been throwing us for a loop, with her hurricanes, flooding and crazy weather patterns. 


The rain, flooding, and high water tables may be to blame for all the weeds we are seeing.  According to Joe Neal, Professor of Weed Science, Extension Specialist & Department Extension Leader in Horticultural Science and Travis Gannon, Research Associate in Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State, “Some herbicides can be washed away or leached even if there is little soil erosion with excessive rainfall events. Additionally, some herbicides may degrade more rapidly in saturated soils.”

They go on to say “Weeds will be emerging. Floodwaters will also carry and deposit weed seeds. Eroded soil washed into your (yards) will carry weed seeds – and those weed seeds don’t mind being submerged. Constant soil moisture during the storm and after will result in rapid weed seed germination and establishment. So be prepared to control emerged weeds with postemergence herbicides.”


But you might be thinking, “I’ve never had trouble with weeds!  Why am I seeing them now?” Neal and Gannon go on to explain, “If you had a relatively weed-free site before the flood, the increased weed seed load that comes with flood waters and silt will require a more aggressive weed management program next year.”  So, the hurricanes and rain events we’ve had in recent times are to blame for the abundance of weeds you may be seeing.  


We would like to ease your mind and let you know that we are constantly talking to the experts who can advise us on how to control our local situation.  We have made adjustments to our protocol according to their recommendations.  In the meantime, we thank you for your patience in the matter. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.  

Want to learn more about specific weeds in your area?  Click here:  (You will be redirected to another site.)




"Why am I seeing so many weeds?"

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